About ChewOnThis Media

At ChewOnThis Media, we help you become relevant to your fans and ideal customers by helping you create meaningful, branded experiences through video content.

We bring what we stand for into our brand. We believe in creating meaningful, meaty content you can “chew on”. We like having a bit of attitude that challenges you to think deeper; there’s more to it than what it first seems. We shape our work around psychology, science, data, technology and present it in an easily digestible, yet “chewable” bite-sized nugget. Our slogan: ’Stay Meaty, Stay Relevant'.

For Agencies with Talent Personalities, we help your celebrity-worthy members to:

  • Be Authentic Charismatic Personalities on video
  • Define the Meaning, Message and Feeling to their brand
  • Produce stand-out brand media content to nurture and grow their fan base

For Personal Brands, Thought-Leaders and Individual Branded Personalities, we help you to:

  • Become a charismatic personality on video for building authority, visibility, and promotion
  • Define the Meaning, Message and Feeling to your brand
  • Train you to create video content for your social media, website and/or live stream your own show

For Companies, we help you to:

  • Define your company’s brand messaging and content strategy
  • Set the tone and voice for company culture, recruiting, advertising, promotion and customer interaction
  • Help you create video assets that educate customers to want to buy your products and services.


As a former Hollywood television reporter, producer having interviewed thousands of people and former hairstylist, I deeply understand people. We can help them to see their own authentic magic and genius, and we help to translate that into their brand.

As a camera-shy introvert, I created my own methods to become confident and naturally charismatic on camera. I’ve helped hundreds of people to speak naturally on camera.

  • 80% is attitude and mindset
  • 10% is skill and technique
  • 10% is 10-Xing Yourself (going big with your genuine self)

Ready To Become An Authentic Charismatic and Relevant Brand?

Client Appreciation

Reviews from our Wonderful Clients

"Angeline has this magic gift of teasing out your authentic self. There'll be times when I'm in that 'memorizing mode' and she senses that, and she gently guides you back to that authentic, inspired self." - Emma Starr
"I'm able to express my spiritual goals and desires in my business, and that's the new norm...Angeline has been able to help me translate that." - Diana Dhyana
"Angeline helped me to discover what my mindset was and why I had such a barrier...Being who I am on camera is the same thing as being who I am inside, so this is why its so exciting to share what this journey has been for me." - Jade Brown
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